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Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Resources for Aspiring Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Applying for a Social Equity License

The Social Equity Lottery will determine which Social Equity Applicants will be provided a “provisional” license to operate a cannabis business

Starting a Legal Business

Information for the process and conditional requirements to set up and operate a legal cannabis business in the state of Connecticut.

Case Studies

Two written case studies and an interview with a Connecticut-based cannabis entrepreneur to  provide a summary of known players and important programs within the cannabis industry

Workforce Development Plans

A Workforce Development Plan is a plan that every cannabis establishment not owned by a social equity applicant must submit to the SEC for approval prior to opening their business for sales

Joint Ventures and Capital Sources

A Social Equity Joint-Venture (SEJV) when related to cannabis is designed to encourage existing medical cannabis companies to partner with social equity applicants.

Interactive Forum

Interactive forum where aspiring entrepreneurs can ask and read about frequently asked business questions every cannabis entrepreneur needs to know

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