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Workforce Development Plans

Resources for Aspiring Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Workforce Development Plan FAQs

What is a Workforce Development Plan?

A Workforce Development Plan is a plan that any cannabis establishment not owned by a social equity applicant must submit to the SEC for approval prior to opening their business for sales. 

Who must submit a Workforce Development Plan?

Any cannabis establishment not owned by a social equity applicant must submit a Workforce Development Plan to the SEC.

How many SE employees must I hire in my SE business?

There is no specific number of SE employees that any business must hire, but the intention of the law and the goal of the SEC is to hire the maximum number of residents of Disproportionately Impacted Areas (DIAs) as possible.

If I am interested in a job in the industry must I register with the State?

All employees of a cannabis business must be registered with the state.  All “key” employees and backers of a cannabis business must obtain a license from the Department of Consumer Protection.

Are all employers prohibited from conducting drug tests for cannabis?

No, there are some jobs that can require drug tests for cannabis and can disqualify an employee based on the results of those tests.  These occupations include:

  • Police or Correctional Officer

  • Drivers for whom drug testing is required by state or federal law

  • Positions requiring OSHA certification in construction safety

  • Positions requiring Department of Defense or Department of Energy national security clearance

  • Those governed by an employment contract or collective bargaining agreement that conflict with the RERACA

  • Positions governed by conflicting federal law

  • Positions funded by federal grant

  • Supervisors of children, medical patients, or vulnerable patients

  • Those with the potential to adversely impact the health and safety of others

  • Positions at a nonprofit, the primary purpose of which is to discourage drug use.

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