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Expungement Articles

Be sure to check out the Expungement of Past Cannabis Crimes page on this website for a legal analysis of the law and this podcast below to find out if expungement legal services are even needed for your case.


Under the new marijuana laws in Connecticut and New York, people with certain cannabis convictions will have their records automatically expunged. This episode of The Full Story takes a closer look at the expungement provision in the laws and the impact it will have on communities targeted by the war on drugs.

Expungement Legal Services

ACE and its consultants have not received any financial support from any of the companies listed below, nor is this an endorsement of them. We encourage cannabis entrepreneurs to perform their own research


Seeking an erasure/expungement of a past conviction is not always a simple task, and many people face complications during this process. It is always a good idea to talk to an experienced Connecticut criminal defense lawyer who understands expungement laws and procedures. The team at Koffsky & Felsen, LLC will review your situation and advise you of your options to have your name cleared.

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The criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Mark Sherman can provide information on Connecticut expungement laws, New York’s new marijuana pot laws, or the process for fighting marijuana charges.

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