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Legal Support

Resources for Citizens, Workers, and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Cannabis Legal Assistance in Connecticut

ACE and its consultants have not received any financial support from any of the companies listed below, nor is this an endorsement of them. We encourage cannabis entrepreneurs to perform their own research

Carmody Law.jpg

Carmody's Cannabis practice is a group of attorneys with experience guiding clients through the cannabis and hemp industries, including state and federal regulatory issues, licensing, financing, raising capital, corporate formation, real estate and business transactions, taxes, employment issues, land use and zoning, as well as employment and personnel matters, and intellectual property representation

Pullman and Comley_edited.jpg

Pullman has developed a team of attorneys to assist medical and recreational marijuana, cannabidiol (CBD), and other hemp clients in need of advice ranging from regulatory compliance, intellectual property licensing agreements, supply agreements, facility siting issues, acquisitions, mergers and sales, and equity investments and structurings.

Shipman & Goodwin_edited.jpg

Shipman & Goodwin lawyers have experience counseling startups and emerging-growth companies as they establish and expand businesses in highly regulated industries. They can help cannabis-industry business leaders navigate the challenges of this new environment, as well as businesses in banking and finance, health care, laboratory testing, employment, education, manufacturing and other sectors on issues related to the legalization of hemp and cannabis.


The George W. Crawford Black Bar Association (“Crawford”) is a volunteer state-wide organization of attorneys, judges, and law students in the State of Connecticut. Crawford represents the collective body of Black attorneys in Connecticut, including both the criminal and civil bar, public and private sector employees, and spanning across law firm, corporate and non-profit affiliations.

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