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Social Equity Council

A Division of Connecticut's Department of Economic and Community Development

For the latest information, visit their website here:

Social Equity Council Website


The Social Equity Council was developed in order to make sure the adult-use cannabis program is grown equitably, and ensures that funds from the adult-use cannabis program are brought back to the communities hit hardest by the "war on drugs." 

Meeting Information

Social Equity Council meetings are open to the public and may have important information for existing or aspiring cannabis workers or entrepreneurs. Full meeting agendas and minutes can be found on the Social Equity Council website here. Below is the standing meeting schedule of the Social Equity Council and Committees:

Social Equity Council Meeting Schedule.png
Meeting Information


The Social Equity Council, as dictated by the adult-use cannabis law, Public Act 21-1, consists of 15 members, seven (7) of whom are appointed by legislators, four (4) of whom are appointed by the governor, and four (4) of whom are ex-officio members. As of January 2022, the members are:

  • Ginne-Rae Clay - Interim Executive Director

  • Interim Deputy Commissioner Andrea Comer, Committee Chairwoman - Consumer Protection Commissioner's Designee

  • Joseph Williams - Governor's Appointee

  • Dr. Kelli Vallieres  - Governor's Appointee

  • Marilyn Alverio - Governor's Appointee

  • Commissioner David Lehman - Ex Officio Member

  • Secretary Melissa McCaw - Ex Officio Member

  • Treasurer Shawn Wooden - Ex Officio Member

  • Subira Gordon - Speaker of the House Appointee

  • Michael A. Jefferson, Esq. - Senate President Appointee

  • Edwin Shirley - Senate Majority Leader Appointee

  • Corrie Betts - House Minority Leader Appointee

  • Avery Gaddis - Senate Minority Leader Appointee

  • Ramón Arroyo - Black and Puerto Rican Caucus (BPRC) Chair Appointee

  • Ojala Naeem - House Majority Leader Appointee

More information on each of the Social Equity Council members can be found here


Lottery Information

The Department of Consumer Protection is responsible for licensing and regulating medical and adult-use cannabis establishments in Connecticut. For questions about adult-use cannabis licensing and regulation, please email

Applications for Cannabis Establishment licenses will start to become available on February 3, 2022. The release of additional license type applications will continue on a schedule until the first lottery round for all license types is complete.


All lottery applications will be completed online. They will become available at on the opening date of each application period. Check here for the eLicense Application Instructions

Once applications are open, there will be a 90-day window to apply to the first Social Equity lottery. The council has released dates for the opening of lottery rounds for various retail cannabis licenses, displayed below.

License Lottery Calendar.png
Lottery Information

License Lottery Key Links

The links below will direct you to various pages of the Connecticut government website that hosts the e-license application portal, an overview of the documents required for an application, and a presentation that will walk you through to application process:

E-License Portal

Application Information

Process Guide

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